Tuesday, September 27, 2011

colourful doily

My doily, a not so perfect round, completed eventually, size 25cm in diameter. I had to cut away one whole row when it bowled. This doily has taken me quite a bit of my time in the car and mostly in the bus. I have always wondered how anyone could complete a large tatting project like a runner or a doily within a short time. Any advice on how to stretch it to a perfect round would be appreciated.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Silent Shuttle

I bought this shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts last year and tried several times trying to get used to using this lovely shuttle by tatting from it. However, as much I tried, I just could not tat anything using this shuttle because I just do not know how to handle it. I bought this at S$93 and if anyone is willing to buy over this shuttle, please let me know.
Shuttle is still in mint condition.

Unfinished doily

I have had this Japanese tatting book for years now but never got down to really tat anything from this lovely book. Managed to find some time last week to tat a doily. Most of the patterns in the book are tatted in white thread but I have decided to put colours on my doily. I just picked the coloured threads I could find in my box and amazingly the doily turns out alright. 3 more rows to go before completion.

Star of Leaves

Star of Leaves tatted in white from book entitled "Christmas Angels & Other Tatting Patterns" by Monica Hahn. Lots of nice patterns to tat from.