Saturday, September 26, 2015

grape design

I remember I got this pattern from a vintage  tatting book by Julia E Sanders but I just cant find the design in the book now.

Thank you Kathy Niklwicz for pointing out that this pattern is actually from the book "Christmas Angels & Other Tatting Patterns" by Monica Hahn.  Phew I finally found the pattern!  It sure takes an experienced Tatter to spot it where the design comes from.

Bridesmaids edging

Edging takes time to tat, therefore I managed only to tat the first row of Bridesmaids edging.  There is another row to tat but I am just happy with this simple edge.  This pattern is taken from "Tatting with Visual Pattern by Mary Konior" with DMC white thread.  It's frustrating that after I finished this piece, certain sections look "off white".  I suspect that the ball of thread is not totally white, that's why I prefer to work with coloured threads.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Credit goes to Jon's easy to follow pattern which I eventually completed but no time to post.  Here it is.
The background tile is a gift from my daughter.

bare back

Dear all tatters,

Can anyone suggest any tatting design for the back of my gown so that the bra strap will not show?   Initially I was thinking of just covering the back with a skin coloured material but it does not look nice.  I was also not able to find similar lace that is used on the front.  Therefore I am thinking of using cream coloured tatted lace (simple pattern) to cover the back discretely.   I intent to wear this gown for a very special occasion in January.